Friday, December 17, 2010

4 Months

Baby V is 4 months old! Unfortunately for me, he is already starting to teethe! I didn't think it was possible because my cousin's daughter just got her first tooth and she's 8 months old but I checked my baby book and I got my first tooth at 5 months so it is a definite possibility. He babbles now and tries so hard to talk. It must be frustrating to be a baby and want to speak like an adult but when you try it just sounds like jibberish!

Anyway, sorry for my little hiatus but my computer is terrible. It has gotten very slow and freezes all the time so hopefully one of my Christmas gifts is a new lap top ;).

The Baby's Daddy recently got promoted so we are moving to New Hampshire! We just found a place and are moving at the end of the month and I am very excited.

A couple weeks ago I had to put to sleep my 21 year old cat, Jack. I just wanted to make a note of him because he was the best cat ever. I got him when he was about 5 years old from the SPCA and he was a huge, fat, orange tabby cat. He loved to lick people like a dog and he was just an enormous sweetheart. Everyone who met him fell in love with him and he converted a lot of people who thought they were only dog lovers into cat lovers! He was diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago but he went through chemotherapy and was doing really well. Finally though he was extremely arthritic and his health started to go downhill, he lost a lot of weight and when he could barely lick anymore I knew it was time. I got his ashes back but I'm not sure what I want to do with them yet. I remember hearing about a company that makes pet ashes into blown glass necklaces? So I might look into that.

Last picture of Jack.

Rest in Peace Jack, you will always be remembered and truly missed.

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  1. Hi Kristy here following back from a boy named after a car, You have a hansom little man there :)


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