Monday, November 22, 2010

Fab Artist: Danna Ray

Danna Ray's art reminds me so much of New England winters. The lighting is soft but cold, and the scenery is beautiful but barren. I especially like her juxtaposition of abandoned objects with nature and tree branches. Each painting could evoke a different emotion in a person. I also enjoy her suitcase paintings where light seems to beam out of them as if a star is captured inside. You can buy her original artwork and prints of her artwork at her etsy shop, Groundwork. To see more of her incredible paintings, check out her Flickr.


  1. Holy Schnikes! I'm loving Danna's art and am equally loving your blog.

    Raised By Wolves

  2. I absolutely love her work!
    Ps. Got introduced to your blog via George :)

    Xo Mervi


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