Thursday, November 4, 2010

11 & 12 weeks

I missed Baby V's 11 week post so I'm combining 11 & 12 weeks together.

Last Saturday Baby V rolled over for the first time!! It was unexpected and so exciting. He proceeded to roll over again 3 more times and then we couldn't get him to do it again for 2 more days! It's so amazing to see him grow stronger and learn his own abilities. He smiles all the time now and it is the best feeling in the world to make him smile even if it's by mistake (perhaps especially if it's by mistake). He's been sleeping in bed with us a lot lately. I start him out in his bassinet but eventually he ends up in bed with me and it is wonderful waking up next to a precious little sleeping baby who looks so peaceful in the middle of a big bed. He has also started batting and grabbing onto toys and objects hanging from his tummy time mats and seats.

We took him to the Boston Museum of Science on Monday and he was the most interested in the math room where there are a lot of large black and white patterned objects and prints on the walls. At the very least it was a visually stimulating trip for him!

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