Saturday, November 6, 2010

Baby Einstein Dvds

My new favorite baby item is the Baby Mozart dvd. Baby V has loved watching TV since he started to develop eye sight which obviously we do not condone but I think the brightness of the light attracts him to it. However, I found the perfect happy medium in the Baby Mozart dvd that I got as a gift at my baby shower. It plays mozart while showing large, colorful, or black and white images, and other visually stimulating baby appropriate things. He absolutely loves it! I can put him in his little bouncy seat a safe distance from the TV and he is so happy and mesmerized by the beautiful music and interesting images. I think I might buy the other composers such as Baby Beethoven and Baby Bach!

Baby Einstein - Baby Bach - Musical Adventure
Baby Einstein - Baby Mozart - Music FestivalBaby Einstein - Baby Beethoven - Symphony of Fun

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