Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fab mama

Ohh, I've been terrible recently, letting life take over and not going online as much as I should. However, I wanted this blog to not just be about food, art, and babies but about being fabulous and feeling great as a mother. Society sometimes makes it seem as if once you have children you can no longer be sexy or in style and as we all know, that is far from the truth. However, I definitely have not felt great about myself since having a baby and come to think of it I have never truly loved my body or felt fabulous even BEFORE the baby!

The Baby's Daddy and I just started the Marilu Henner 30 day Total Health Makeover. I'm going to document how it works here. We are both really excited about it and to be honest I'm very surprised he is doing this with me as it eliminates red meat! I only eat fish anyway so it will definitely be a little easier for me. The basis of the diet is eliminating red meat, sugar, and dairy from your diet and living your life toxin-free. Dairy will be the hardest for me as a vegetarian I have relied on it a lot to compensate for a lack of meat. However, I'm looking forward to seeing how I feel without it in my diet.

We are only on Day 2 and I am feeling great today. I need to incorporate some more exercise into my lifestyle and then I will feel much better. I will let you know how it goes! Visit her website for more information.

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