Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Best of the Garlic & Arts Festival Part 1

Last year I purchased a small doll from one of the vendors at the Garlic & Arts Festival for my cousin's baby. The Radyshes make adorable Waldorf style dolls and animals. I am in love with the little gnomes and elephants! They are unique and one of a kind and you can special order from their website.


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  2. oh! lovely dolls! i need to find a nice waldorf one for Iris, she has a horrid plastic-headed wonky-eyed one that was *given* to her. oh dear.

    re the photographs, i upload them online via Picasa which gives you control over the size you want them. v easy to use and quicker to upload than Blogger. although i am having trouble formatting my text which is annoying me no end.

    anyway, hope that helps!



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