Monday, October 11, 2010

Best of the Garlic & Arts Festival, Part Two

The baby's daddy and I are HUGE hot sauce fans. The first time we went to the Garlic & Arts Festival we tried the hot sauce from TC's Sauce and instantly fell in love. He has several varieties but this one, Bin Laden's Fire is our favorite. It isn't a matter of fiery hotness, but intense, delicious flavor. Some hot sauces just leave you with fire in your mouth but taste mediocre, or they are so hot that they have no flavor. Other hot sauces may have great flavor but not much heat. This is the perfect marriage of both components; not too spicy and great taste!

I literally crave homemade mac n cheese with this hot sauce on it. It might as well be a new dish in and of itself because the flavor goes beyond plain mac n cheese. I cannot rave about it enough. I believe any good homemade mac n cheese with this sauce on it should suffice but if anyone wants the general recipe I use I can post it some time.

A couple years ago, before Chris (the maker) had a website, I searched for him on the Internet because we had run out of our stash from the festival and I wanted to surprise the baby's daddy for Valentine's Day. I found an e-mail address that seemed to go with his name and gave it a shot. It was the correct man and he was so great and I was able to order several bottles from him just through e-mail. Now, thankfully he has a website where we can purchase our favorite hot sauce any time of year and don't have to wait for October to roll around! His other marinades and sauces are supposed to be fantastic as well.

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