Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fab Food on a Snowy Day 02.01.2011

  • I cannot rave enough about Giada's pea pesto crostini. The pea puree is so delicious I have used it in omelettes and on sandwiches as well and everyone loves it. This recipe is a simple and healthy appetizer that you will make again and again.

  •  Mmm...healthy smoothies are an easy breakfast anyday...although where I live right now we have so much snow I don't know who's in the mood for anything cold!

  • Roasted beets with goat cheese are one of my favorite treats! Just cut the ends off of beets, throw them in the oven on a baking sheet drizzled with olive oil at 400 degrees for about an hour (check on them and depending on their size see when they are easily sliced through). Let cool slightly and peel the skins off, chop as desired and sprinkle with salt and pepper and crumbled goat cheese. Enjoy!

  • Start to dip into all your preserves. We get jellies from a man my Dad works with every year and are lucky enough to nearly never have to buy store bought jams or jelly. Check out these gourmet jams. 

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