Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Making Party

I hosted a Valentine-making party the other night. It was super fun! We ate goat cheese and heart-shaped beet crostini, pea pesto crostini (that I blogged about here), cupcakes, heart-shaped cookies, and drank champagne while we made valentines! I had different colored papers, stickers, scissors, markers, colored pencils, doilies, little baggies, candies, etc. for everyone to use.

Linzer cut-out cookies with seedless raspberry jam

goat cheese and beet crostini (I boiled the beets and then sliced them and then free-hand cut them into heart shapes)

We used some cut-outs from vintage children's books for some of our valentines.

I found these vintage images by just searching through google images for 'vintage valentines' then doctored them up on cards with glitter and stickers.

It was great to get together and craft with friends, I might have to make this a tradition!

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  1. How fun, I love the cookies, they are gorgeous!


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