Sunday, September 12, 2010

1 Month Birthday

My baby is 1 month old today!

What I love about being a new mom:
  • The faintest beginnings of real laughs and smiles
  • Gobbling up little fingers and tiny toes
  •  Mornings together when I pull him in bed with me after Daddy's gone to work
  • Watching his pure innocence as he just begins to discover the world
  • Feeling needed and important when I'm able to comfort him
  • Picking new little outfits for him to wear each day
  • Seeing myself in him and the next second seeing his dad instead
  • Getting excited about buying new cloth diapers
  • Breastfeeding (yup I love it!)
  • The three of us cuddling together as a family
  • Taking a million pictures of him
  • When he's swaddled up and looks like a little glow worm
  • Just watching him when he's awake and calm
  • Discovering the purest most natural love in the world

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