Thursday, September 30, 2010

7 weeks

I have come to realize that the array of human emotions can be seen upon the face of a sleeping baby. Tiny flutters of smiles and laughs are scattered between the saddest frowns and red-faced grimaces. I could lie all day watching Baby V. I nestle in close to him and breathe in his soft milky scent. I examine his thick eyelashes that grow longer every day, his dark wispy hair, and the small pulsing soft spot on the top of his head. I place my finger in his tiny hand and he grips his long baby fingers around it. I kiss his chubby cheeks and nuzzle his wrinkly neck. I am so in love. His eyes flutter and a signature smile appears. Whether the books say it truly is or not, it looks like pure joy. He makes a small contented sound, somewhere between a sigh and a coo. Yes, Baby V, I too cannot express these feelings in words.

Happy 7 weeks! 

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