Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 weeks old

Baby V slept through the night last night! Well, he slept from 12 AM to 6:30 AM and he’s only 5 weeks old. I think that’s a pretty big accomplishment! He woke up this morning, refreshed from his long night’s sleep I can only assume, and was the happiest baby. I brought him into bed with me and he cooed and giggled and smiled adorable baby grins. They say that babies don’t actually smile for awhile but it definitely seems like he responds to me sometimes. I live for those little smiles and laughs. Isn’t it funny how even if it doesn’t mean anything, their smiles can make your day?
I am amazed at how quickly infants change. My little boy is getting huge and chubby really fast! I printed a ton of photos today and for the first time went back through them all and really saw his progression from when he was first born until now. I think he gets cuter every day (though I am slightly biased). I look forward to watching him grow and change in the days to come!

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