Friday, September 24, 2010

Fab Rainy Day September 24, 2010

Fab links for a rainy day (or a sunny one!):


I am dying to try these raw chocolate bars.
Cute printable labels for your spices.
Check out who Epicurious thinks are the World’s Most Influential Chefs in the past 15 years  and then Pre-order the cookbook from the restaurant named best restaurant in the world by Restaurant Magazine 2010.
Make your own soft pretzels…mmm!
Learn how to properly cut these fall greens.
I’m dying to make these!
Check out the beauty that is Golubka.

This is awesome!
I want this print.
I have always loved mismatched china, when we get a house someday I’d love to do a display like one of these.
Gorgeous colorful wedding!
Thanks to Design Mom for showing me this print which I want to put in Baby V’s nursery.
Imagine having an outdoor party with these.
I want to do this with Baby V’s drawings someday!
Make a portable tea party!
Make this mobile for newborns, or buy this gorgeous one for an older baby.
You have to make an account but it’s worth it for this lot of Free Baby Knitting Patterns.
I used this birthday calculator to pick the day I wanted Baby V to be born (he wasn’t but it’s still fun!)
Baby’s change soo fast! Tracking Baby V’s development.
Make one of Martha’s baby keepsakes.
Cool accessories for kids.

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  1. remember we made those caramelized onion and goat cheese tarts from trader joes one time? but i bet making them at home would be wayyy tastier!


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